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Welcome to Couch Counseling Services, where you'll find expert counseling tailored to your needs. Our highly qualified and experienced counselors specialize in a range of areas, including school behavior intervention, employee assistance programs, child victimization, stress management, play therapy, substance abuse education, and more. As a trusted provider for various Employee Assistance and Individual Insurance Companies, Our counselors offer compassionate support for adults, families, children, and adolescents. With their extensive expertise and warm approach, Our counselors are dedicated to helping individuals navigate life's challenges and achieve personal growth and well-being. Explore our counseling services to discover the support you need.

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Edith Kennedy Couch and Haley Helms Jennings Counselors at couch counseling,pc



Individuals can gain deeper insights into themselves, their relationships, and their life challenges. In individual counseling, clients are encouraged to express their concerns, set personal goals, and develop strategies to overcome obstacles. Through active listening, empathy, and evidence-based techniques, the counselor guides and supports clients on their journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and healing.


With the guidance of a trained therapist, couples gain insight into their dynamics, learn effective communication skills, and develop healthier ways to resolve conflicts. Therapists provide a safe space for open dialogue, emotional expression, and fostering connection. Couples therapy helps couples rebuild trust, strengthen their bond, and cultivate a more satisfying relationship.


Learn effective communication techniques, and develop positive discipline approaches. Therapy offers a safe and non-judgmental space to explore concerns, address parenting struggles, and enhance the parent-child relationship. Through therapy, parents can improve their parenting skills, build stronger connections with their children, and find greater confidence and fulfillment in their role as parents.


Learn healthy ways to resolve conflicts, and strengthen their relationships. Family therapy offers a safe space for open dialogue, understanding, and fostering connection. It helps families address challenges, improve communication, and work together to create positive change. Through family therapy, families can build stronger bonds, enhance their problem-solving skills, and cultivate a more harmonious and supportive family environment.


Through various therapeutic approaches, individuals can gain insight into their thoughts and behaviors, challenge negative patterns, and develop coping skills. Therapists offer a safe space to express emotions, process difficult experiences, and work towards building resilience. Therapy helps individuals regain control, enhance well-being, and find hope again.


Individuals can gain insight into the root causes of their addiction, develop coping mechanisms, and learn healthier behaviors. Therapy offers a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to explore their challenges, address underlying issues, and create a personalized recovery plan. Through therapy, individuals can build resilience, develop new coping skills, and achieve long-term sobriety.


Learn coping techniques, and develop resilience. Therapy provides a safe space to process emotions, address the impact of trauma, and cultivate healthier ways of coping. Through therapy, individuals can reduce stress, heal emotional wounds, and experience improved well-being.


Learn anger management techniques, and develop healthier ways of expressing and managing their emotions. Therapy offers a safe and non-judgmental space to explore triggers, learn self-regulation skills, and develop coping mechanisms. Through therapy, individuals can gain better control over their anger, improve communication, and cultivate more positive and constructive ways of expressing themselves.

Meet Our Compassionate Team

At Couch Counseling, our office staff are the unsung heroes who create a seamless experience for our clients from the moment they reach out. This dedicated team works diligently to ensure that every detail is handled with precision and care. From the friendly voices that greet you on the phone to the meticulous management of appointments and records, they are the backbone of our practice. Their commitment to confidentiality and their unwavering support provide the foundation for a tranquil and organized environment where healing begins. With a spirit of kindness and efficiency, they uphold our mission to offer a sanctuary of support for every individual seeking our services.

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1307 Christine Avenue, Anniston, Alabama, 36207

(256) 235-3799

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